Tapestry in Version 1.0

Last Updated: 2017-10-10 06:30:00 -0500

The trouble with being more toolsmith than true developer is that most of the projects you find useful to construct aren’t really marketable. Tool niches are already filled, with multiple solutions with full dev teams and legions of marketeers. Therefore, if I’m being realistic, I should realize any tool I make, however I generalize it, is going to be niche and bespoke to my uses.

The version of Tapestry yet to be released, v 0.3.1, is now being issued as v.1.0.0. Though I will continue to make adjustments to the program, including eventually making the program behave itself under Windows, I’m moving it to the back burner. As of that version, Tapestry will have all the functions I require it to have, and that, I think, is enough to merit it being a full release.

I’m presently tapping out the tests for v.1.0.0. Once they are passing, I shall release the tool, which allows me to better focus on my work with Tarnished Tale.