How I Screwed Up (and Fixed) Hacking for Money

Last Updated: 2018-06-04 12:00:00 -0500

For a young infosec guy without industry experience, lviging somewhere where the industry barely exists, few options are immediately available to ply your trade besides freelancing. Being under-networked, this meant spinning up a Fiverr profile and essentially hoping for the best. I didn’t take the pursuit especially seriously. I was busy, with Tarnished Tale, Tapestry, and trying to find work more permanent than my soon-to-expire contract with Computers For Schools.

However, from time to time I would get direct requests in my inbox for contract work. Most of the time, a simple exchange would be enough to see whatever I was going to be asked to do was either a scam or illegal (or often both), and as usual I’d engineer some excuse.

Last week, though, I talked through some simple work with a prospective client on Fiverr. The conversation was simple, as was the work, and it fell under the line of “simple enough to not dig too deeply into.” Someone, a student (I assumed)