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Arcana Labs is an independant exercise, but nothing is made in a vacuum. I take a fair amount of pride in knowing and befreinding people who make cool things, and I want to introduce you to them. If you want to join our affiliate program and be listed here, reach out to us through the contact page. It’s free, and conditioned only on your mutual linkback.

If you want to join the webring and automate the curation of the webring, you can simply set up your code to interpret the response from our Webring2.0 Service, which is provided by le717.

Other Projects By Me

Sanity Line

My very own little Novel


Archivum Wisteria, a moderate-realism, moderate-fantasy Medieval setting for games like Pathfinder. Available under a CC license.

Galba Roy

The player encyclopedia/conceptual planning document for my Star Empire of Galba Roy setting, through which I’m reviving one of my earliest tech projects - designing and building a MUD.

Other Projects By Our Affiliates