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Knowledge gathered is better shared. While I would caution anyone pursuing these guides to do so with a grain of salt (and carefully noting the last-updated-date in case anything has changed since then), I’ve found a lot of the cooler things worth doing with a computer are sometimes a little more esoteric than presing the install button, and so I’ve collected a number of guides over the years. Think of it as something not unlike a public-access notebook.

Building a Simple Household VPN

For the average user, paying for a VPN host is an unnecessary expense from a security perspective. This guide details a simple setup so that you can use public WiFi in a position of privacy without adding to your tech budget. While it won’t help you with geofencing evasion - necessarily - it’s great for being able to use public wifi. If that’s ever a thing again.

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Pure-Code to Jekyll Website Rebuild Guide

Breaking down the what, why, and how of using a static site generator called Jekyll to create your small website.

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New PC/Laptop Onboarding - Unboxing to Free Play

Get started with a new machine safely. Rather then a step-by-step set of instructions, this guide lays out a framework and plan of attack for obtaining and optimizing a new computer.

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Nginx Reverse Proxy with a minimum of Fuss

If you’re the same kind of madman that I am, you probably have one or more things in your house that you want to be accessible from the wider internet. Let me introduce you to my preferred solution to doing that with some reasonable degree of security: Nginx Reverse Proxies.

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On-The-Fly Mediawiki Deployments with Docker

While wikipedia is the most familiar example, a wiki can really be thought of as a book with hyperlinks. I find them absurdly useful for worldbuilding exercises (which I do a fair amount of) as well as for tracking large, complex ideas of all kinds, and my containerized environment makes deploying them super simple.

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Using your YubiKey as an OpenPGP Smart Card

Quick overview of the salient points of using a YubiKey NEO or 4 as a Smart Card to get all the benefits of a secure keystore accordingly.

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