Get In Touch

If you find it useful to get in touch with me, there’s a few ways to do that, and the best is to drop me an email. For our privacy, I’d prefer we communicated using PGP-secured email. You can get the most recent version of my key, with up-to-date signatures, by clicking here.

List of Contact Points:

  1. Email (Primary): Click Here
  2. Fediverse: patcharcana
  3. Github: zadammac

Arcana Labs

Arcana Labs is a hobby-scale/cottage industry software and hardware development concern operating out of the unceded territory of the Wolastoq in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. The labs’ going concern is the creation of puzzles, amusements, and reliability tooling, and is chiefly known for the backup utility we created, Tapestry.

Zac Adam-MacEwen

Zac is the founder of Arcana Labs - as the only member, he is the Hermit-in-Chief, and his responsibilities include pretty well everything the Labs do. The product of a largely self-directed technical education, he jocularly refers to himself as the “least qualified person in the room”, not that that’s stopped him from spearheading the development of Tapestry, accumulating a signficant score on Hack the Box, or leading the charge on the creation of an in-house bug bounty program at his day job.