Get In Touch

If you find it useful to get in touch with me, there’s a few ways to do that, and the best is to drop me an email. For our privacy, I’d prefer we communicated using PGP-secured email. You can get the most recent version of my key, with up-to-date signatures, by clicking here.

List of Contact Points:

  1. Email (Primary): Click Here
  2. Twitter: arcanalabs
  3. Github: zadammac

Zac Adam-MacEwen

Zac is the founder of Arcana Labs - as the only member, he is the Hermit-in-Chief, and his responsibilities include pretty well everything the Labs do. The product of a largely self-directed technical education, he jocularly refers to himself as the “least qualified person in the room”, not that that’s stopped him from spearheading the development of Tapestry, accumulating a signficant score on Hack the Box, or leading the charge on the creation of an in-house bug bounty program at his day job.