Arcana Labs is an independant exercise, but we take pride in being able to maintain and support our projects. If you have concerns that you’d like to see addressed such as a bug to report or unclear documentation, or want to contribute financially to the labs as a whole, this page is for you.

Keep in mind too that for many of our projects there are non-monetary contribution paths as well! See each project’s listing in their respective library for a list of other contribution pathways, such as submitting your PRs or joining in the discussion around new features.

Get Support

While we've done our best to document our projects and build them as robustly as possible, we know that there's no way to build absolutely perfect software. If you've run into issues with any of our projects, please use the address below to reach out an obtain support.

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Give Support

The research, development, and ongoing support of Arcana Labs projects are largely ventures in providing free services. If you'd like to support the lab in making sure that packages like the PETI project remain free to use for anyone who needs them, consider making a donation using any of the assets below.

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Like many enterprises, we participate in commerce, by exchanging goods and services for currency which we can use to improve and pursue additional goods and services, and so the cycle goes.

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