Reviving Tapestry

Last Updated: 2021-07-01 08:00:00 -0500

Tapestery is probably the oldest project most Arcana Labs followers would remember me working on. It began two iterations of identity ago, back when this was “Patch Savage Labs”, followed through the Kensho Security Labs Rebrand, and three jobs and several years later, it’s still with us - a bespoke backup utility nobody asked for.

Just last night I discovered an interesting statistic - according to third-party trackers that monitor the Python Package Index, the tapestry module has been downloaded some 1,100 times in the last 90 days! That’s not much, I’m sure someone will tell me, but it’s plenty as far as I’m concerned and far exceeds my expectations.

When the current feature version series came out, v. 2.1, I made a point of drawing a line in the sand and saying that apart from bug fixes, I was done with the project. And those bug fixes come fairly rarely, usually only when I discover an issue with the application through my own use, as few people (if any) report bugs with it. Makes sense: simple tool, works most of the time.

However, there’s enough polish and retouch that the tool could use that when I discovered a new bug in tapestry last night, I made a decision that instead of packaging it as a bug fix and releasing it with 2.1.2, I would break with my earlier statement and put together a new 2.2 version release.

You can check out this project page to get a sense of the progress on the 2.2.0 release and what is going to be included with it, though I’m sure as work with Tapestry is always a treat, I’ll likely have a LabNotes or two to share with you all in the near future as we work on those functions.

Tapestry is a storage-agnostic full-file backup and recovery autiomation tool built with user safety and privacy foremost in mind. If you would like to support the development of this, or any of the other projects I’m working on for Arcana Labs, and you wanted to show your support financially, your best avenue is via my Github Sponsors account or by making a one-time donation to Arcana Labs via or through other avenues detailed here. Github Sponsors also get access to a special patrons-only section of the Arcana Labs Discord Server, where we talk about the ongoing super-secret project.