Layer Profiles: Melasari Paragon Hera Ironspine

Last Updated: 2017-11-09 05:00:00 -0600

Tarnished Tale has been developed from the outset to be the basis for a game called Layer: A Tarnished Tale. In this series, we’re going to explore some exemplars of the various races features in the game.

Hera Ironspine, Melasari Paragon

Occupation: Prima Brava of the Royal Society of the Wheel and Pinion Nativity: Layer

Hera Ironspine was born among the rest of the Melasari Diaspora on Layer, and was therefore raised with a strong emphasis on tradition while at the same time being forced by circumstance to do what the Melasari badgerfolk do best - adapt. This she did well, fighting her way out of poverty as an adolescent by signing on with various groups of Bravi - a typical career for the physically intimidating Melasari.

Throughout her youth and adulthood she has cultivated a sense of restraint uncommon among her kind, but is nonetheless posessed of the full Melasari temperment.

She presently serves as the Prima Brava to the Royal Society of the Wheel and Pinion, a group originating from the Galba Dea timeline. In this capacity she is the personal bodyguard of the group’s Grandmaster, Walter Smith-Jamison.

In Combat

Hera is a Melasari and augments her natural Steadfastness with heavy armour and a shield, but her weapon training has fallen aside in favour of the use of the Martial Arts skill to facilitate the use of a sharp claw in her main hand.

Hera exploits her Steadfast passive ability by augmenting it with the Bravi School’s taunt ability, redirecting attacks from her employer to her. When facing multiple opponents, she often uses the Melasari Racial, Berzerk, to increase her combat hardiness and damage output. To deal with the potential blowback from this she needs healer support lest she turn out to actually be dead when the rage wears off.


Hera is taciturn and aloof, with few dialogue options. She treats members of the Royal Society with respect but views all others with suspicion, especially members of the other magic guilds. Hera will aggro on necromancy and most crime markers as though she were a guard.

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