Illuminated Arcana Puzzle Room

Illuminated Arcana is my ongoing, open-ended project to create a number of puzzles, in a variety of formats, to both provide entertainment value and, on occasion, a chance to test or develop new skills and capabilites. While Illuminated Arcana is presented in the familiar CTF format thanks to its own instance of CTFd, and the vast majority of currently-planned puzzles are going to be hackable VirtualBox OVA appliances, the main eye is not toward hacking as much as exploration.

We hope you’re watching closely.


Rokkakei was the name given to an early puzzle box created by the now-defunct Kensho Security Labs as part of Project Yosegi, an effort to generate a number of VMs for use with the popular HTB platform. While Rokkakei was rejected from HTB, the original images remained available after Kensho Security Labs transitioned to being Arcana Labs.

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